Creatively Kids Dining Tool


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Creatively Kids Dining Tool

Ignite Healthy Eating: Revolutionize meal planning for kids, promoting balanced nutrition and portion control with engaging visuals.

Foster Kids' Autonomy: Elevate mealtime independence with playful dinnerware, sparking imagination and positive food associations.

Child-Safe Design: Prioritize safety with soft-grip handles, break-resistant materials, and BPA-free plastics for worry-free dining.

Effortless Maintenance: Dishwasher-safe and stackable sets for convenient care and space-efficient storage. Make healthy meals hassle-free!


Material: Food Grade PP + TPE Soft Rubber

Package Included: 1 Set of Creatively Kids Dining Tool

Package Weight: 123g, 195g, 318g

Package Size: 23.5 * 15.6 * 4.0cm

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