Smart Cat Toys Automatic Rolling Ball


Color: Blue


🌟 Are you looking for a unique and fun way to keep your beloved feline entertained? Look no further than the Smart Cat Ball Toys! Reap all of the benefits associated with an intelligent, interactive pet toy that is great for exercise and training.

🌟 Keeping your pet happy and well-exercised is easier than ever before with this cutting-edge, automatic rolling smart cat toy. Just give it a touch, and let the cat ball do its thing as it moves along floors and rugs, creating hours' worth of entertainment for cats.

🌟 Ideal for indoor playing, cat owners can be sure of peace of mind knowing that their whiskery friends are getting plenty of physical activity when using these automated cat balls. Get your Smart Cat Ball Toy today and join in on the fun – your cat will thank you!

💝 Reduce the loneliness of the cats: When you work or go out, the cat will feel lonely due to the temporary lack of society. This cat toy will become your cat's best playmate to help your cat reduce loneliness and separation anxiety and maintain their mental health.

💝 High-quality materials: our intelligent interactive cat ball is made of safe ABS plastic materials. The USB charging port is built into the case to prevent it from getting wet or being bitten by the cat. The built-in LED light is very soft and does not harm the cat's eyes. Let your cat play with the ball without worry.

💝 Perfect gift: intelligent interactive toy - eliminate the pet's loneliness, accompany the cat instead of the owner and preserve the mental health of the pet. We would recommend that you use it on smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles or thin carpets, but not on long pile carpets. During using the product, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions.


Gravity Smart Rolling Ball
Scream and call the ball
Charging: USB
Size: 4.2cm in diameter
Material: ABS/Silicone
Battery capacity: 80mAh

Package Contents

1 x Smart Cat Toys Automatic Rolling Ball 

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