Solar Powered Anti-theft Light In The Car


Color: Red

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Tired of worrying about car security? Say hello to our Solar Powered Anti-theft Light, your ultimate solution for peace of mind on the road.

To protect your property from potential thieves at night


Solar Powered Anti-theft Light can be absorbed and saved in high-efficiency solar cells, it's powered by solar, no need to install a battery

It will only flash when it is dark; Will NOT flash when it is light enough to keep the item highly efficient and longer life. You can cover the other end with dark paper if you want it to flash in the daytime.

No wires are needed, just stick it to the roof of the vehicle with the corresponding glue


Color Light: Red/Blue

Size: 1.9*0.9*0.6 inch


Ditch the stress of car security with our Solar Powered Anti-theft Light. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected, day and night, wherever you go.

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