Ultimate Pet Grooming Kit 🐶 4-in-1 Electric Clippers with 4 Interchangeable Blades


Package: 1 Set

1 Set
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Revolutionize Pet Grooming: Versatile 4-in-1 Dog Clipper Kit for Calm, Precise Care and Cherished Moments!

Equipped with multiple blades, it's ready to take on all your dog's grooming needs

Dog clipper kit with 4 blade heads - This dog grooming kit has 4 blade heads, which is a 4 in 1 dog clipper that can be used in the whole body. This dog clipper for grooming Including Standard head , Narrow head, Nail grinder and Detail head. standard head is suitable for large areas, such as back; Narrow head is suitable for foot; Nail grinder is suitable for nails; Detail head is suitable for small areas, such as faces and ears. Really achieve a multi -purpose machine.

Dog grooming kit with 2 Adjustable Levels - Our pet clipper is not just only 4 in 1 design, but also can be adjust for 2 levels. You can change the level at a light press. If your pet hair is not dense or thick, you can use level 1. If your pet's fur is thick, you can use level 2. Select according to actual needs, as long as you bring a comfortable shaving experience to your pets with our dog grooming kit.

Low Noise Dog clipper<40dB - This dog clipper kit, is truly low noise, noise level <40dB. Suitable for small pets, as well as very sensitive pets. For very sensitive pets, it will be afraid of noisy dog clipper, and this dog grooming kit that will not be awakened your sleeping pet. Focus on the better shaving experience that dog clipper kit brings to pets.

Dog grooming clippers with IPX7 Waterproof - This dog clipper is waterproof. IPX7 waterproof design of dog shears that the whole body can be washed. After shaving, you can throw the dog grooming supplies directly into the water and rinse it. Very easy to clean, no need to worry about hygiene issues. Provide protection for your pet's health.

Relationship Between Pets and Families - Pets bring more happiness to the family -pets can bring happiness to a family and cultivate children's sense of responsibility. When the child gets a pet as a gift on his birthday, they become the best friends. They bathe their pets, cut their hair, and wash their hair with their parents, which is their good memories of their childhood. So take this dog clipper kit home~

How to Use Our Dog Clipper?

Before Vs After

 Product Data:

USB charging: output DC 5V/1000mA

Motor speed: 6500 rpm 3DC 3.7V working voltage:

Working voltage: DC 3.7V

Battery type: 14500/3.7V/800mA

Rated power: 7W

Charging time: about 3.5 hours, use time: about 3 hours

Speed: 6500 rpm

Waterproof level: IPX7

Net weight: body 102.6g
No. 1: 10.6g foot hair remover
No. 2: 14.9g nail polisher
No. 3: 11.1g Elbow Electric Clipper
No. 4: 14.7g straight head electric clipper

Packaging size: 215 x 159 x 44mm

Package Included:

Ultimate Pet Grooming Kit x 1

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