Wireless Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones


Color: Black


What Is Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones?

Be safe, present, and aware. Introducing a new open-ear headphone that let you listen to music and sound, but also hear the world around you.

Wear it while you run and be aware of cars.
Wear it while you work and listen to your co-worker's voice.
Wear it while you cook and listen to the alarm.
Wear it for outdoor AR games to experience the Mixed Reality of sound.

The patented shape form of our ear cuffs will let you hear the sound as if it is playing from somewhere in the outside world.

Do you also encounter the following scenarios?

Carry on a conversation...
without stopping the music

Open workspace? Background music that doesn't send a Do Not Approach message

🎁💐 Don't forget to get some for your family and friends as it's a unique gift idea.

At the same time, as an open earphone, it also allows you to listen to songs without missing any ambient sound.

Eavesdropping on songs and watching dramas at work is no longer afraid that the leader will call you behind you and you can’t hear it~


LED Intelligent Display
Check the heat set battery at any time.

Not in the ear
Support clear call quality
Ear clip design, small invisible, long time without pressure wear.

Fast speed
With Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, this wireless headset has a stable connection and provides a low-latency experience.

Broad compatibility
This TWS headset is compatible with most types of phones, and you can connect to other devices that support Bluetooth compatibility.

HiFi Audio
This wireless headset provides stereo sound and clear sound, making it perfect for listening to music, playing games, and more.


Built-in charging case, easy to carry or store, and can charge headphones at the same time.

Where they work
These wireless headphones are perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, working, running, gaming, and more.


Material: ABS.

Bluetooth - compatible version: 5.2

Transmission distance: approx. 10 m /32.81 ft

Endurance: 8 (hours)

Charging time: 40 min

Battery capacity: 300mA for the charging bin, 35mA for the headphone

Support technology: A2DP AVRCP HFP SDP SPP

Supported system: iOS Android

Waterproof: Life waterproof

Dimensions (l x w x h): approx. 84 x 32 x 44.2mm

Quantity: 1 /2(set)

Package Includes:

1 x Wireless Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones

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